"Angels in Training" - (Junior Class)

The Junior Class, "Angels in Training" is taught by Michelle Jordan. The ages of the children in this class range from 9 to 12 years of age.  This is a very critical time-frame for these children as they face a lot of peer pressure among their friends at school.  Pat strives to teach these children the importance of taking a stand for Jesus and being set apart and different than the world.  She also stresses the importance of their salvation and the fact that they are now at the age of accountability and must not give in to peer pressure. Building off of the fact that the C.S.I (Primary Class) teacher has taught them how to look up scriptures in their Bible, students in this class find their weekly scripture and read the verse aloud.  They are then encouraged to define the meaning of the lesson in their own words, verifying that they have a true understanding of what the Bible says.