Sunday School

Sunday School classes are held every Sunday morning at 10:00 am

We have a great staff of teachers that are always ready and willing to make their students feel welcome and help them learn more about the Word of God. 

Sunday School is NOT just for kids.....we have a class for everyone!  Try us're sure to find a class that suits you perfectly!


A summary of the classes we offer:

  • "Busy Bees" - (Nursery Class)

    The Nursery Class, "Busy Bees" is staffed by teachers Shauna Trimble and Margie Jordan.  Children in this class range from infant through toddlers until they are three years old.  Our teachers talk to the children about Jesus and sing songs with them while they have play time.  Although their abilities are limited, starting them out learning about Jesus is a great foundation for them as they grow and move into the other classes.  Being in the nursery also allows their parents to attend their individual classes. 

  • "Little Lambs" - (Beginner's Class)

    After reaching age 3, most of the children will move into the Beginner’s Class, "Little Lambs" where they will be until they turn 6.  This class is taught by Cheryl Conley. This class begins teaching the children structure and discipline while also rewarding them for things such as sitting in their seats, listening and participating each week.  Cheryl does a great job presenting the stories of the Bible in a way that the children can understand and even answer questions after each lesson. 

  • "C.S.I. Children Seeking Instruction" - (Primary Class)

    The Primary Class, "C.S.I.- Children Seeking Instruction" is made up of 6, 7 & 8 year olds.  The teacher for this class is Stephanie White.  Stephanie uses an online membership for her curriculum which includes weekly lessons, review questions, memory verses and activities.  A few of Stephanie's goals for the children in her class is that each child be presented a Bible of their own so they can learn The Lord’s Prayer, The 23rd Psalms, The Books of the Bible AND that they will each know how to look-up Bible scriptures in their Bible before they move into the next class.  This not only prepares them for their next promotion, but also gives them a wonderful jumpstart into reading and studying God’s Word.  

  • "Angels in Training" - (Junior Class)

    The Junior Class, "Angels in Training" is taught by Michelle Jordan. The ages of the children in this class range from 9 to 12 years of age.  This is a very critical time-frame for these children as they face a lot of peer pressure among their friends at school.  Pat strives to teach these children the importance of taking a stand for Jesus and being set apart and different than the world.  She also stresses the importance of their salvation and the fact that they are now at the age of accountability and must not give in to peer pressure. Building off of the fact that the C.S.I (Primary Class) teacher has taught them how to look up scriptures in their Bible, students in this class find their weekly scripture and read the verse aloud.  They are then encouraged to define the meaning of the lesson in their own words, verifying that they have a true understanding of what the Bible says. 

  • "Teen Disciples" - (Teen Class)

    The Teen Class, "Teen Disciples" is taught by Mel and Jean Haynes.  Students in the classroom range from 13-19 years of age.  This class is taught in a very open discussion format where they talk about everyday fears, obstacles and problems that teens face in life.  Most often, they choose a topic that’s discussed for several weeks and find resolutions to these problems by seeking God’s guidance and instruction through their Bible readings and prayer life. 

    The students express their thoughts either by writing in their journals, or by having an open discussion amongst their peers.  This helps the members of that class think about and pattern their lives in the way that Jesus would have them handle these situations. This class helps to prepare these students for adulthood. 

  • "Deep Well Diggers" - (Young Adult Class)

    The Young Adult Class is called the "Deep Well Diggers" and is taught by Jeff White. This class uses the Randall House Curriculum and goes through the lesson verse by verse.  They do an in-depth study of their lessons with lots of discussion and interaction.  Jeff allows the class to go where, and as, God leads.  They don’t always get far into the lesson, but with God’s spirit leading, they sure dig deep in the Word. 

  • "Golden Warriors" - (Senior Adult Class)

    We also have a Senior Adult Class called "Golden Warriors" that is taught by Marty Garrett. They use the same Randall House Curriculum that the "Deep Well Diggers" Class uses.  This class uses fundamental teaching and doctrine through the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  Using an open forum, the adults further their knowledge of the Word and of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

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